► 03.07. - 29.08.2013 - Exhibition: "Over the Baltic Sea to freedom. Maritme flights from the GDR", PRORA-ZENTRUM, block 5 in the north of the area of Prora by the Youth Hostel, Mukraner Str. 12, 18609 Prora
► Dokumentation about the history of Prora in the Nazitime and in the time of the GDR
Opening: 10 am to 6 pm daily

Guided tours through the area of Prora by appointment.


Welcome at PRORAZENTRUM e.V. !

The non-profit organization PRORA-ZENTRUM runs and hosts within its historic-political educational work projects guided tours through the Prora area, releases publications and pursues academic and scientific research.
Prora, located at the east coast of the island of Rügen, is one of the largest architectural legacies of the NS regime. The former 4.5 kilometre long "Strength through Joy Seaside Resort" was planned to host 20.000 people, but never implemented.
PRORA-ZENTRUM deals with the regional history of the National Socialist times as well as with the GDR history in Prora, on the island of Rügen and Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania. The educational work is aimed at adolescents and adults alike.

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08-09-2012 - DDR-project days at school in Bergen1-.-1.2012  08: 1:8:
To the project days of the EMA-school in Bergen on Rügen PRORA-ZENTRUM arranged a workshop to the history of the GDR with the topic: “Labour soldiers, weapon objectors of the GDR in Prora”. For this purpose a contemporary witness has been invited by PRORA-ZENTRUM. The project days of the school are also co-arranged by the evangelical academy TEO and the regional center of Stralsund.

02.12.11 Presentation to the release of the study: ”Places of forced labour of Poles in Stralsund and Stargard (1939 -1945)”2-.-1.2011  04: 2:3:
To the final of the German-Polish INTERREG IV A-project:”Places of forced labour of Poles in Stralsund and Stargard (1939 -1945)” the final bilingual brochure has been presented by our polish partner in Stargard Szczecinski, Poland. The presentation gave an overview about the project and the latest research results. Project partners were PRORA-ZENTRUM and the Museum Stargard. Big acknowledgement has been awarded to the bilateral project partners that have completed the research to an important topic of the time of Nazi-Germany together. The presentation was part of the presentation-series: “20 years of German-Polish treaty of neighbourhood”.

18./19.11.11 – Workshop:”Places of forced labour of Poles in Stralsund and Stargard (1939 -1945)”1-.-1.2011  16: 2:2:
On the 18th and 19th November the project partners PRORA-ZENTRUM and the museum of Stargard will present their new study on: ”Places of forced labour of Poles in Stralsund and Stargard (1939 -1945)”
The workshop will start on Friday 18th November at 4 pm in the historical museum in Stralsund and continues the 19th November in the town archive in Stralsund. Everybody is welcome to attend! The Programme can be downloaded on this website under “Downloads” (German language).

04.06.11 – Opening of the youth hostel Prora7-.-0.2011  05: 2:0:
The opening of the new youth hostel Prora was a successful event and worth this historical place. PRORA-ZENTRUM will now intensify its cooperation with the National youth hostel association by working closely together with the youth hostel Prora. We are now looking forward to the refurbishment of the buildings beside the youth hostel to be able to install the educational center that PRORA-ZENTRUM will use in future. Until then we have our office in the middle of Block 5.

28 - 04.29.2011 - Conference "Weapon objectors in uniforms" in Binz4-.-0.2011  06: 1:4:
The conference on the history and memory of the "construction soldiers" in Prora took place at the IFA Hotel in Binz. From 1982 to 1989 Prora was the largest site for labour soldiers, the conscientious objectors of the GDR. Through their political nonconformist and obstructive conduct, the labour soldiers were stationed in Prora for the attention of army leadership and national security. This is one of the memorial sites of the history of opposition and resistance in the GDR. The flyer for the conference can be found on this website under “Downloads”. The meeting of the Political Memoriale e.V. MV is performed in cooperation with PRORA-ZENTRUM. Registration deadline was 14 April 2011.

January 2011 - New teaching Material regarding the topic "Jewish Live on the Island of Rügen and Stralsund"3-.-0.2011  07: 1:7:
The result of the project "Students research for Students", a project in which new teaching material regarding Jewish live on the island of Rügen and Stralsund shall be developed is published as a brochure (please see publishings). Furthermore students developed further questionnaires in this context. The brochure and questionnaires can be ordered from PRORA-ZENTRUM. The project was founded by Leo-Baeck-Foundation.

22/11/2010 - Memorial plaque for former labour soldiers of GDR in Prora1-.-1.2010  23: 2:3:
On November 22nd 2010 a memorial plaque was inaugurated at the multi-purpose hall of the youth camp site in Prora. The plaque was developed and financed by the now resolved organization "Denk-Mal Prora e.V.", an association of former labour soldiers of Prora. Between 1982 and 1989, many thousand labour soldiers where stationed in block 5 of the barrack of Prora. It was the largest battalion of labour soldiers in die GDR. The conscientious objectors belong to the political opposition of the GDR; this is to be brought to a wider recognition by the means of this new plaque. After the ceremony the partcipants met in the PRORA-ZENTRUM in order to discuss future cooperations. Participants where, next to former labour soldiers, the head of district, Kerstin Kassner, Leader of the German Youth Hostel Association, Karen Löhnert, County Commisioner for Stasi- security files, Marita Pagels-Heineking, Director of the Federal Centre for Political Education, Jochen Schmidt, as well as members of the "Political Memorials", the youth camp site Prora and PRORA-ZENTRUM, the future operator of the education institution Prora. The new "Community of interests of consciencious objectors in the former GDR" welcomed the inauguration of the memorial plaque.

22/10/2010 - Event + Movie screening - Konrad Wolf's "Sterne" (Stars), Jews and the DEFA - in the House of Guests in Binz0-.-1.2010  13: 0:8:
The movie "Sterne" (Stars) by Konrad Wolf is known by critics as the most successful cinematic thematisation of the pogrom in the GDR. The movie deals with the mostly excessive anti- fascist opposition in the GDR only marginally but explores the question of its failure.
After the movie screening, a speech by Dr. Thomas Jung and an adjoining discussion rearding the questions whether the movie is an example of anti-fascist genre of the GDR movies, its acception and why there was no further demand to develop similar critical films, will clearify the topic. The event is run by PRORA-ZENTRUM in cooperation with the Amadeu-Antonio-Foundation, Berlin.

05/10/2010 - Further education for teachers "Contention with the GDR" at EMA-Gym Bergen9-.-0.2010  30: 2:3:
As a year before, a teacher's training regarding the preparation of the GDR project days (9th-10th Nov. 2010) took place. In cooperation with the Regional Centre Stralsund, the Evangelische Akademie MV and the Federal Centre for political Education, the PRORA-ZENTRUM developed this seminar in order to give teachers a base of discussion which enables to deal with the GDR history.

June 2010 - PRORA-ZENTRUM is the future operator of the planned Education Institution in Prora6-.-0.2010  27: 1:2:
The board of trustees of the Federal Centre for Political Education MV decided on 22nd June 2010 that the non-profit association "PRORA-ZENTRUM" takes on the operation of the planned Education Institution in Block 5 in Prora. In consultation with historians Wolfgang Benz (Centre for Antisemitism Research Berlin) and Rüdiger Wenzke (Military History Research Department Potsdam) this recommendation was made.
PRORA-ZENTRUM is glad to proceed with its historic-political education and to develop a place of information and international encounters near the youth camp site and the youth hostel in Prora. The institution will cooperate with regional, national and international Partners.

18-19/03/2010 - German-Polish Workshop "Forced Labour in Stargard and Stralsund"3-.-0.2010  10: 2:1:
Within the project "Places of forced labour in Stargard/Pom. and Stralsund - a joint Reconstruction", funded by INERREG IVA, German and Polish researchers will present and discuss their research results in Stralsund.

09.12.2009 - Award Ceremony in Berlin for the best national projects2-.-1.2009  02: 0:9:
The Foundation Remembrance-Responsibility-Future awards within its program "Europeans for Peace" a price for the best national projects.
Students of the "Ernst-Moritz-Arndt High School in Bergen took place in the project "Gollnow-Goleniów 1945-1948 - The double Banishment of Germans and the Polish" and developed a project bilingual newspaper with Polish students. In two meetings they met in Prora and in Goleniów to interview time witnesses, who were once victims of the west-shifting of Poland or of forced labour.
A big 'thank you' to all our time witnesses, the newspaper wasn't possible without you.
(Please see "Student projects" and "Publications")

26/07/09 - Book Art Exhibition - Student project with German and Russian youngsters in Sassnitz7-.-0.2009  21: 1:4:
PRORA-ZENTRUM cooperates within its historic project "Dwasieden-Faces of a district" in Sassnitz with the organisation "Working and Living MV", which runs at the moment a German-Russian encounter project: "Foreign is a foreigner only in a foreign country". The project results, dealing with book art and the topics racism and xenophobia, will be presented on 26/07/09, from 11:00 to 18:00 o'clock on the Rügen Square in Sassnitz.

02/03/09 - 08/03/09 - German-Polish Youth Project in Goleniów / Poland2-.-0.2009  25: 2:2:
The second meeting of German and Polish youngsters within the scope of the project "Historic Exploration - Gollnow/Goleniów (1945-1948). German and Polish youngsters deal with the double forced displacement of Germans and Polish people" took place in Goleniów. The youngsters, supervised by PRORA-ZENTRUM, the DOM KULTURY and the Documentation Centre for History of the Region in Goleniów, conducted interviews with contemporary witnesses and wrote articles for the German-Polish project newspaper.

01/04/08 - Award Ceremony for Student Project3-.-0.2008  19: 0:0:
The organization PRORA-ZENTRUM receives within the scope of the competition "Active for Democracy and Tolerance 2007" a price of 1000€. The price is awarded by the "Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance". Subject was the student project "Bergen in the times during National Socialism", which was run in cooperation with the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt- High School in Bergen. The price is awarded because of "creative and effective display of civil engagement". The festive ceremony takes place at 2 o'clock p.m. in the city hall of the city of Stralsund.
You find more information under "Student Projects".