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Special thanks to Susanna Misgajski

By 17. December 2021December 28th, 2021General

PRORA-CENTER would like to thank its director and chief executive Susanna Misgajski for 20 years of creative, persistent and, above all, self-sacrificing educational work.

To say that the PRORA-CENTER would look different today without her would probably be a gross understatement. In fact, the learning site on Prora’s National Socialist and GDR history would in all likelihood no longer exist without her commitment. Susanna Misgajski has been a passionate member of the association since its inception almost exactly 20 years ago, and for more than half of that time she has been its managing director.

Although her full-time work is now ending in her more than deserved retirement, she will remain loyal to the association and will be an important advisor to her successor.

It would therefore be inappropriate to use the word farewell here. The association would be deprived of what is probably its most essential competence, the main office would be deprived of the greatest conceivable wealth of experience from the sub-areas of education, documentation and research, and Mrs Misgajski herself would probably also find it unpleasant.

But she must be able to bear the word “thank you”!

Dear Susanna, on behalf of your (former) colleagues, your many comrades-in-arms from politics and educational work, the many exhibition guests, the participants of a number of seminars and guided tours, and other people whose professional paths crossed yours: THANK YOU for your great work! Enjoy your retirement and stay as awake, as strong and as humorous as we have come to know you!